About Yeyeぴょん! ♡

Welcome to Yeyeぴょん!'s personal blog. Previously I share some lyrics and wanted to make this a lyrics blog but I changed my mind. I will use this blog to post my fonts collection, well mostly Korean fonts, I love it, it's really cute, because I love cute things

Ah this is like... the umpteenth time I make personal blog, if I don't have time to update or manage this blog, I probably will delete it, same with my previous blogs.

Until now I think my blog's name is weird. I think my first pick domain name is already perfect for my new blog, I already research the name tho that's why I was so sure that I will own it so I don't have any backup name. Then they say that my pick is already someone's brand. Well, I want to believe that was a lie ;p I still can register it but I want to avoid conflict, that's why I give up. Okay, now my blog name is Yeyepyon ;p I got this name really quick lmao but sometimes I kinda regret it wkwkwk.

Contact Me

Contact me by commenting on any posts or send email to yeyepyon@gmail.com. My twitter account is @yeyepyon. I just have this blog address, gmail, tumblr and twitter account with Yeyeぴょん!'s name. I don't have any other social account like Instagram, Wordpress, etc. Any same name that you encounter on other platform is definitely not mine or ask me first before drawing conclusions.