About Yeyeぴょん! ♡

Welcome to Yeyeぴょん!'s romaji lyrics blog. I post japanese song romaji lyrics, mostly its lyrics from japanese songs that catch my interest^^. You can call me Yeye. I really like to sing japanese songs but with romaji lyrics, it's a lot easier for me and that's why I make this blog, to share the easy lyrics version of japanese songs.

Honestly until now I think my blog's name is weird. I think my first pick domain name is already perfect for my new blog, I already research the name tho that's why I was so sure that I will own it so I don't have any backup name. Then they say that my pick is already someone's brand. Well, I want to believe that was a lie ;p I still can register it but I want to avoid conflict, that's why I give up. Okay, now my blog name is Yeyepyon ;p I got this name really quick lmao btw sometimes I kinda regret it wkwkwk.

Re-post, copy & paste

You can repost my romanization as long as you credit my name or my blog url but bulk copies are prohibited. Please don't do that. Bulk copy here means when you always copy my posts for your own lyrics blog. I literally saw more than five people who purposely make lyrics blog to copy my entire posts or even imitate my blog lmao but whatever lah, as long as you credit my blog then it's okay, but if you like my blog plz don't do bulk copy, OK?!

Contact Me

Contact me by commenting on any posts or send email to yeyepyon@gmail.com. My twitter account is @yeyepyon. I just have this blog address, gmail, tumblr and twitter account with Yeyeぴょん!'s name. I don't have any other social account like Instagram, Wordpress, etc. Any same name that you encounter on other platform is definitely not mine or ask me first before drawing conclusions.