[Korean Fonts] 5 Design of Sandoll Communication Fonts (1)

Here's five fonts design from Sandoll Communication (산돌커뮤니케이션) or Sandoll Cloud (산돌구름), Part 1. Its main font is 한글 (Hangeul, the alphabet used for the Korean language). I use bold style to edit the font on the pictures. I have these fonts with TrueType (TTF) format. They have various characters support.


Font : SD미니샐러드바
Alternative name : SDMinisaladbar


Font : SD넌내게반했어
Alternative name : SDYouloveme


Font : SD곰돌이의하루
Alternative name : SDBearsday


Font : SD아쿠아블루
Alternative name : SDAquablue


Font : SD나비의꿈
Alternative name : SDDreamofbutterfly

Note : I just share my fonts collection, I don't provide download link. My collections are free fonts on average, you can easily get it and usually they give it free for personal and non-profit use

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