[Korean Fonts] 5 Design of Hoon Fonts (1)

Here's five fonts design from Hoon Design (훈디자인), Part 1. Its main font is 한글 (Hangeul, the alphabet used for the Korean language). Operating system support is Windows with TrueType format. Click here to visit the font publisher official website.


Font name : 훈프로방스
Alternative English name : HoonProvence


Font name : 훈솜사탕
Alternative English name : HoonSomsatang


Font name : 훈아이스티
Alternative English name : HoonIcetea


Font name : 훈라디오사연
Alternative English name : HoonRadiosayun


Font name : 훈롤리폴리
Alternative English name : HoonRolyPoly

Note : I just share my fonts collection, all information is based on what I have on my personal computer. Usually the company offer other format like OpenType and the operating system support for Mac too. Also I don't provide download link. My collections are free fonts on average, you can easily get it and usually they give it free for personal use only

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